5 Ways To Increase Your Website Optimization Effectively

We all want that magic pill that will get us instant results without having to do anything. Unfortunately, as you may know, that is not how things work in real life. Anything of real true value takes the time to achieve. The same goes with SEO and marketing your business effectively. SEO, when done properly, is essentially digital real estate. Just think about it, your website moves front point A to point B. It’s just like if you were to physically move your business from a bad area of town to an area that has a ton of traffic and people who are looking for your product or services. I am going to go over 5 ways you can quickly and effectively optimize your website.

1. Optimize your webpage titles for your keywords.

Lets say you want to rank for “dog grooming in los angeles,” it is important that you have dog grooming in the page title as google will know how to identify it and give you higher rankings.

2. Optimize your page URL.

If your website is www.mybusiness.com and you do not have your keywords in your title, you are missing out on a ton of relevancy. Your website instead should be something like this: www.mybusiness/dog-grooming-in-miami so that your keywords are in there and your location is as well. This way google knows exactly what this page is about.

3. Place your keywords in your content.

If you are wanting to rank for dog grooming in miami, then you must include that within you on page content so google bots can give you additional credit and relevancy.

4. Seek out backlinks from relevant websites.

Since your website is about dog grooming then you must look to get backlinks from dog niche relevant websites. This will make your website even more relevant for your topic and Google will give you a higher ranking score.

5. Make sure website is mobile friendly.

Approximately 66% of searches are now down through mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will push your website back in the rankings.

There are many other additional strategies and techniques you can implement however it is best you work with a seo company if you are in that area. Make sure you research the firm and also verify that they hold rankings for their keywords as well. We here at Aqoba Digital Marketing have multiple agency locations and we’re the top seo company as well as many other cities.

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