Why Choosing The Right SEO Expert Can Make Or Break Your Business

SEO agencies come in all shapes in sizes. Some are large agencies with 10+ employees and some are agencies with just 2-3 team members who can perform just as good and even better than the bigger guys. They both have their advantages and disadvantages however, working with a smaller agency allows you to receive a more personalized experience. SEO at it’s core is the same for all type of products and services. Once you have a fundamental understand of how it works, one person can run a million dollar agency out of their garage without a problem. It is vital that you do you due diligence before you look to hire a local SEO agency.  The size of the agency should not matter. The determining factor should be results. If they can show you their rankings then they can obviously deliver the same for you. Beware of agencies that promise you top rankings however they don’t even rank for their city SEO keywords. Another thing to look out for is agencies who are very aggressive and pressure you into buying their services. An established SEO agency has plenty of clients to work with and will not care if you decide to work with someone else as they know their value and they results they can get.

I recommend you do not work with an agency that offers you SEO services for less than $1000 per month as they will end up doing more harm than good. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” You need to understand that SEO is an investment that will more that 10X your return. Everyone is searching on google for your product or service and if you’re not at the top then you’re losing money to your competition. Here at Aqoba Digital Marketing, we are the best marketing experts and help businesses increase their bottom line.  We’re also the top seo experts helping business owners reach a level of success they never thought was possible.

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