I Know SEO Is Important… But Will Make Or Break My Business?

If you’re asking yourself if SEO can make or break your business, then you already know the power of SEO and how it can take your business to the next level. SEO is essentially a subset of marketing in which your website is optimized precisely for the search engines so that Google moves your site from point A to point B. Point A can be from the 2nd or 3rd page of your most profitable keyword to the top of the 1st page which is where you want to be. SEO is a very patient but powerful form of marketing that takes about 6-9 months to see the full effects.


If the SEO that is being performed on your site is done properly, your popularity on the web is growing hence becoming more authoritative and trustworthy in Google’s eyes. There is two different type of authority that MOZ lists as the most important factors that make a website authoritative, relevant and powerful.  This is the domain authority which is the authority of your entire website domain (www.mywebsite.com) then there is the page authority of each particular page (www.mywebsite.com/page1). Domain authority is the power of your entire domain based on the amount of outbound and inbound links and the authority, relevance, and power they possess. The page authority is the authority of that particular page also based on the amount of outbound and inbound links to that particular page. SEO is a very complex process that is done by implementing a myriad of strategies and tactics and if you have sites with that are low in domain authority pointing to your website, that can have a negative impact on your rankings.

How can I get SEO done on my website?

Learning SEO is just like learning an entirely new language, literally. I would spend some time looking up the basics and getting a fundamental understanding of SEO however, I would not spend the time researching various tactics and methods as you will take the time away from running your business. I recommend you work with an SEO Expert such as us here at Aqoba Marketing in Seattle to get your website ranked for your most profitable keywords.

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